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What are my skills and interests?
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Career Assessments

When choosing a study program, committing to a career, or simply applying for a job, it is important to make sure that this choice reflects your interests, skills, and ambitions. When faced with these important decisions, it is normal to feel some measure of uncertainty or hesitation. Personality is a very large concept that can hardly be summarized in a few lines, but one of its aspects relates to an individual’s career interests, work style preferences, personal skills, and aptitudes. The following is a collection of original exercises that will assist you in identifying these elements of your personality.

Career interests? Right career? Career match?

Guides to Finding a Program

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Job Search Skills

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Job Banks Canada

Job Banks Canada is a helpful tool in your job search! It can provide you with information on the job market, the education you will need to pursue your career, job descriptions, salary expectations, job search skills, and a database of jobs across Canada. Please consult the link below for more information.